How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

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Whether you are hiring a freelancer or developers from an outsourcing company, how much they charge is the factor that concerns everyone. With the growth of the Internet and smartphone usage, mobile app development is skyrocketing and so is the developers’ price.

Whether you want to develop the app from scratch or upgrade an existing one, you need developers to do the job. Not just any; you need well-versed ones. However, hiring them comes with a price. The rate of each developer differs from another, which is one of the main factors affecting the total cost of hiring them.

This article will discuss different factors that affect the cost to hire a mobile app developer.

Factors affecting the cost to hire a mobile app developer

Before going through the factors, you need to understand that an app developer either works on a contract, project, or hourly rate basis.

Even when you hire a software company to do their job, they mainly estimate their cost based on an hourly rate and give you their final price. Then, they sign the contract.

Besides, before finalizing the final cost, a software company or a freelancer considers many factors because, ultimately, these factors affect the hourly rate and determine how much it costs to hire them.

Type of app

There is an ocean of app types to go for, like a social media app, games, chatting app, etc. It depends on you what you are planning to build? Are you looking to develop a simple or advanced app with more features? Besides, there is a considerable difference between creating an app from scratch and maintaining an existing one.

An app developer charges high for building an app from scratch. However, the price for maintaining the existing one may differ.

You need to understand that an app developer always looks at the requirements to start the development process. The more the functionalities, the more the complexities, and the more the hourly rate.

An app developer may charge an average rate of $50-100 per hour for a simple app. Yet, they may charge higher for an enterprise-level app, like Facebook, Uber, etc. They may expect $70-150 per hour.

Region and location

Region and location are the most notable factors that affect the cost of hiring an app developer. It likely has to be due to how developed they are, their economy, reputation, achievements, etc. There may be hundreds of reasons.

If you go for the developer in the USA, you will find a huge difference than when you hire one from the Asian region.

Here is a list of the average hourly rate of a developer in 2021.

  • France: $54
  • Germany: $61
  • Netherlands: $69
  • UK: $93
  • Bangladesh: $28
  • India: $29
  • Nepal: $28
  • Philippines: $28

Source: YouTeam

Moreover, here is a list of the average salary of a developer based on different locations:

  • USA: $90k per year.
  • Australia: &76k per year
  • Germany: $66k per year
  • India is $4k per year.

Source: Business of Apps

The above list shows region and location affect the cost of hiring an app developer.

Experience level

The more experience the developers have the more they can charge. Their knowledge and skill level determine their hiring cost. Since the IT industry keeps growing, developers must hone their abilities as well. Moreover, the demand for high-level engineers is high, and it is continuing.

Normally, the experience is categorized into three levels: junior, mid, and senior.

Here is a breakdown of iOS developers salaries based on their experience level:

  • Junior/Entry: $68,514 per year
  • Mid: $104,874 per year
  • Senior/Experienced: $123,314 per year

Source: DevelopersForHire

Android developers:

  • Junior level: $68k per year
  • Mid: $86k per year
  • Experienced level: $116k per year.

Source: BusinessofApps


The platform is another crucial driver that affects the cost of hiring an app developer. As seen above, developers working on different platforms have different salaries and higher pay.

So, you need to decide which platforms you are targeting: Android or iOS? Moreover, you can also target cross-platform if you want to develop for both Android and iOS. Besides these, back-end and front-end also play a significant role.

See below the list of the average hourly rate of developers on different online job portals.


  • Average hourly rate of front-end development: $15-100
  • Average hourly rate of back-end development: $15-150


  • Average hourly rate of front-end development: $32-100
  • Average hourly rate of back-end development: $36-105


  • Average hourly rate of front-end development: $25-150
  • Average hourly rate of back-end development: $36-150

Source: YouTeam

Here is the breakdown of the salaries of Android and iOS developers.

iOS developer average salary:

  • USA: $120k per year
  • Australia: $90k per year
  • UK: $71k per year

Android developer average salary:

  • USA: $121k per year
  • Australia: $85k per year
  • UK: $73k per year

Source: BusinessofApps

Programming language and technology

The developers’ grip on programming language and technology also makes a crucial difference in hourly rate and salary.

With the right set of skills and programming language, you can bag more salary than expected. Plus, several clients look for developers’ expertise in a specific programming language. Being familiar with the latest technologies also plays a significant role.

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of developers based on programming languages.

  • .Net: $46.03 per hour
  • C#: $43.05 per hour
  • C++: $46.53 per hour
  • Java: $45.02 per hour
  • JavaScript: $42.89 per hour
  • PHP: $40.36 per hour
  • Python: $48.93 per hour
  • React Native: $45.11 per hour
  • React.js: $44.08 per hour
  • Ruby on Rails: $46.49 per hour

Source: YouTeam

How to find and hire app developers?

There are several ways to find the right developers for your business.

  • You can find the right ones from different online job portals, like Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Or, you can search them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. LinkedIn is one of the best choices to go for since it is for professionals.
  • Attend different tech seminars, events, and hackathons to find the right people.
  • You can also hire developers from an outsourcing company. If you need any help, Truemark will be happy to help you. We outsource the right people according to your needs and requirements. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • You can also ask your friends and family for referrals or contact a recruitment company.

What to consider before hiring?

Before hiring the best developers, there are certain things that you need to consider.

Check out the following things before hiring an app developer.

  • First, know your needs and requirements.
  • Check their portfolio
  • Consider looking at their experience and technical skills.
  • Test their knowledge and abilities.

In Conclusion

When hiring an app developer, you need to consider their experience, skills, and abilities to tackle problems. You shouldn’t rush and make a hasty decision. Take time and hire the right developers for your business.

If you want to hire developers for your project, Truemark is a software company with 5+ years of experience developing apps according to the client’s needs. We have experienced and skilled developers who have a solid knowledge of ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, React Native, and NodeJS. We will help you build a top-notch app, so please feel free to contact us at any time. You can also check out and reach us through Upwork.

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