21 Questions to Ask Before Developing an App

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Mobile apps for any business have become the wheels to keep on growing, giving you endless opportunities on your journey. However, those wheels may get punctured if you aren’t careful before developing an app, stopping you before you even get a chance to achieve your goals and objectives. One such factor is the development agency, which you can find easily. But finding the right one can be challenging.

If you don’t make your decision wisely on choosing the right development partner, there isn’t any guarantee you won’t fall into a trap of overpromises. Some agencies promise to develop an app on a low budget. But, the result deviates from the actual requirements and expectations.

So, how can you pick the best development partner? The answer is simple- asking the correct questions. It’s your money on the stake, so you have every right to ask as many queries as you want to find the right agency to do the job.

Today, we will be talking about the questions to ask before developing an app.

12 questions to ask before developing an app as a client

As a client, you face many challenges before finding the right development agency.

First one- there are too many to choose from, more than you can imagine.

Second- identify the company that really understands your needs and visions.

Third- the budget and quality.

Fourth- different offers and services from different companies.

Fifth- lack of information on the IT industry, making it difficult for you to understand how a software company works.

Sixth- falling in traps, in a sense- may fall victim to scammers. And the list goes on.

So, asking the right questions, researching thoroughly about the company you are going to hire, reading reviews, etc., are some of the best ways to find the right development partner.

Let’s see, as a client, what you need to ask a software company.

What is your unique selling point?

As stated earlier, there are too many firms to choose from. They provide different services and have their own strategy to attract customers. So, what is so different about them and the others?  This is a question you must ask. Then only, as a client, will you know how they work, their experience, how they approach their client, and solve their problems.

What is your development process like?

The world of IT is unpredictable. You will see new trends and technology every other day. As a result, your requirements change as well. Knowing this, you must ask the software company about their development process, whether they can adapt to the changing needs or not.

Moreover, you must choose a software company that is aware of the latest industry trends and implement them into the project.

Have you worked on a similar project before?

Having an actual experience of similar projects gives an advantage to every software company. They will know how to approach the client, what will be their requirements, risks, etc. So, you must select a firm that has experience working in an identical app like yours.

So, ask whether a software company has worked on developing a similar app before or not.

At Truemark, we show our clients our previous projects if they ask us. Doing this gives them confidence that they have selected the right development partner.

Can you reference some clients?

Having worked on previous projects and provided great services, some people would love to thank a software company, if not all, for their wonderful job and work again.

If people are thankful to a firm, then working with them would be a pleasure. So, as a client, you need to ask a business if they could reference anyone or look at their portfolio. This helps you understand how good they are and how they care for their customers.

Nothing matters for a client than knowing a software company cares for its customers and gives them the utmost priority.

How much will it cost to develop an app?

Knowing your requirements and features for your app, software companies will have an idea of how much it will cost to develop an app. So, you should ask them the estimated cost.

At your first meeting, they may not be able to tell the cost exactly because they have to analyze the features, allocate the resources, etc. So, before cracking the deal, estimating the final cost is a must because you must also allocate the budget for covering the overall expenses.

How long will it take to develop an app?

You must ask about the time of delivery. You have a timeframe and want the app to finish within that time. It depends on your app’s features and scope. It could take months to finish the project. So, ask your vendor if they can deliver the complete project on time.

What are the risks that may hinder the project?

The client has an idea about what type of app they want and the features they need. However, they may not be aware of the risks in developing an app.

Not all clients are from a technical background, so they may not know about the challenges. Risks are inevitable; there will always be one or two. So, as a client, if you are unaware of such elements, ask the development team upfront. This will help you prepare a plan to mitigate them.

Which platform should I choose?

There are numerous platforms on which an app runs, like Android, iOS, desktop, web, etc. As a client, you may have done your research and concluded that it is best to launch it for this system. But knowing what other platforms are there will do you no harm. In fact, you will know about the type of audience, what devices they use, their preferences, and so on. This will help you expand your reach. So ask about the platforms and target them if necessary.

What is the communication process?

Nothing is more important than communication because the entire project depends on it. Even a minor miscommunication between the team member and clients results in project failure. The results deviate from the actual expectation, having to redo the entire project and resulting in client dissatisfaction. As a business, that is something you want to avoid. So, as a client, you must ask a software company about their communication process, what tools they use to communicate, and how often.

Do you provide a sample before implementing any feature?

As a client, you can see the portfolio of a software company to know how many projects they have completed successfully till now and the type of apps they have developed. This helps you understand their expertise and the technology they use. However, to ensure how they approach your project, you can ask them to provide a sample based on your requirements. It could be anything from wireframes, mockups, designs, presentations on market research, etc.

How will you update me about the project?

Getting to know about the project’s progress or any update is the right of every client. Even if any problem occurs, they need to know about it rather than hide it from them. They are the ones investing, so they must be informed about the development. So, as a client, you need to ask how they will update about the project and when. While a software company must do it without the client having to ask them, still knowing about it upfront is relieving.

Do you provide maintenance service?

After releasing the app, it needs time-to-time maintenance, small and major updates, etc. New bugs and glitches occur. Moreover, the market doesn’t remain the same- it keeps on changing. New trends emerge and the users’ tastes and preferences change. And to keep up-to-date with this ever-changing environment, your app needs regular support and maintenance.

So, as a client, you need to ask if they provide any post-development service. If yes, then make sure to know their protocols and charge for the service.

9 questions to ask before developing an app as a developer

As a software company, that works hard day and night to provide the best services to the client, we face many challenges as well. Not every client is the same. They have different requirements and are sometimes unrealistic. Dealing with them now and often becomes tough. Since some of them aren’t technically sound, convincing them takes hours and hours.

On the other hand, some clients aren’t fully aware of what they want. So, here are some best questions you need to ask your client to make sure you find the right prospects, understand their requirements, and satisfy them.

What type of business do you run?

Knowing about the client’s business, you will have an idea about the niche, their audience, etc. This will help you in your further research about identifying their needs and pain points, competitors, etc., and take the best approach to support their goals and visions.

What are your goals and visions?

Not having clear goals means you don’t have any motivation to move forward. You don’t see yourself achieving success or reaching the pinnacle on your journey.

In a competitive market such as IT, as a software company, if you don’t understand client objectives, then developing an app that resonates with their brand becomes a pipe dream.

What are your requirements?

Ask a client about the app’s requirements and features because the development process is entirely dependent on it. Without them, defining deliverables and milestones, estimation, etc. fails, let alone developing an app that meets the users’ needs and solves their problems.

The more you understand your clients’ needs, the more motivated you feel. Plus, there will be minimal chance of occurring misunderstanding between team members and clients.

Who are your targeted users?

Ask a client who is their audience or who they want to target. This helps you in creating user persona, understanding their pain points, and developing an app they need.

If a client doesn’t know whom to target, then how do they expect their app to solve the users’ problems? Which platform to prioritize? How will they present their app to the users?

Even if they do develop, then there arise many questions. Will users use it? Will it enhance the user experience? So, ask your client about the target audience to make the development process seamless.

What is your estimated budget?

It is crucial to know if a client can cover all the development expenses. No one likes to give services for free unless it is a non-profit organization. Everyone in the market wants to attain everything from success to wealth.

Starting from a root level, experiencing hardships, and achieving milestones one after another- everything connects because everyone has the ultimate goals to fulfill their needs and wishes.

If a client is unable to comply with your estimated budget, it is a red flag. Fluctuation does happen, but not by a great margin. And as a software company, it is also your responsibility to give an exact estimation because relationships with clients also matter.

Which platform are you targeting?

Ask your client which platform they are targeting because cost, time, human resources, technology stack, etc., differ from one platform to another. So, getting to know it from your clients helps you allocate resources effectively and estimate the time, cost to develop an app.

Who are your competitors?

If there is no one to compete and the client is the first one to build the app, then it will help them target a wider audience and maximize profit. But, that is not always the case because there will be at least one rival.

Knowing the competitors in the same field, helps a software company to research and devise a plan to gain a competitive edge. They can bring uniqueness to the app, helping the client to run the business without worrying too much.

Moreover, competitors promote healthy competition, motivating the client and the software company to think out of the box.

Do you have any idea how you want your app to look?

When a client comes with a project, ask them if they have any references on what the app should look like. If they have any designs in mind or want to tweak an already existing one, then it will help software companies for faster development. This will help to enhance the user experience and establish a good relationship with the users.

Do you need post-development services?

The job doesn’t finish after the app goes live. It needs continuous maintenance to fix the bugs and update it to add new features to cope with the changing environment. So, ask your client if they need post-development services and continue working in the future. This promotes a healthy relationship between you and the clients. Make them return again and again by providing the best development services.

In Conclusion

These are some of the practical questions to ask before developing an app. Asking the right questions helps you understand the situation better. This holds true for both parties: clients and vendors.

From the perspective of a software company, they want to provide the best services to their clients, satisfy them, and help them grow.

And talking about the clients, they want a development partner that understands their needs and pain points and comes up with the best solution that aligns with their business goals and objectives. So, if you are looking for such an agency, then Truemark Technology is always ready to help you at any time.

Being in the IT industry for more than 5 years, Truemark Technology has a firm knowledge of the market and gives you the best development services without compromising on quality. We make sure that we gather every bit of information from you to give you more than your expectations. Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement. So, let’s have a chat and work together.

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