9 Exciting IoT Trends in 2022: Upcoming Trends and Predictions

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The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t a new thing at all. From our daily lives to giant corporate businesses, IoT is everywhere. Medical, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing industries, etc., are now powered by IoT. And in the coming years, IoT will be such a huge thing that imagining a world without it will be impossible. New changes and IoT trends in 2022 will be a big step towards a futuristic world.

If you are wondering what IoT is, then let’s understand it with a simple scenario- you are away from home. Then suddenly, it clicks- you forgot to turn off the lights at your home. But, with the help of IoT, you can easily switch off the lights, even when you are many meters away.

IoT is a technological miracle where various networking, computing, electronic, and electrical devices are connected and synced with each other with the help of the Internet. If you want to close the door, click a button on your smartphone. If you want your vacuum cleaner to clean the room, click a button. You want to turn on the water pumps, again click a button. You can easily do things that were impossible a few decades ago. And these are just a fraction of the things you can do because of IoT.

We have yet to see the full utilization of IoT. With technology advancing so rapidly, we can expect to see more wonders in 2022. So, here are the few trends we can anticipate seeing more in 2022.

IoT Trends in 2022

AI more than ever

We don’t have to talk much about Artificial Intelligence (AI), probably. Now and then, we see and hear, big tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., doing their best in the fields of AI. Recently, Facebook created two AI robots that were extraordinary in many ways. But, they had to shut them down since they did what no one had expected- they started talking in an unknown language. AI is evolving. So, we can expect to see such technological wonders in 2022.

Flying cars, automatic opening of doors when an authorized person enters, lights turning off automatically when you fall asleep, etc.- such concepts might become real in 2022. In fact, some companies like SkyDrive, Uber Air, and so on are developing and testing flying cars. The days where your car will park on its own, pay parking fees, etc., are closer to being a reality.

Moreover, in manufacturing industries, the use of AI and IoT is rapidly increasing to accelerate the production rate, process defects, etc.

Smart cities everywhere

Smart cities are technologically advanced places that aim to solve modern-day problems, like traffic management, waste management, queue management, poor infrastructure, etc. Many countries have started and successfully built smart cities in places like Seoul, Singapore, New York, etc. Their initiatives to build energy-efficient, carbon emission-free, etc., makes them the best smart cities.

Moreover, the use of IoT devices in such smart cities to monitor and track people’s health, smart street lights to save energy, solar-powered billboards, charging stations, traffic management, etc., are magical wonders. They are improving the quality of people’s lives. And these places will be the key to saving the environment from global warming in the future. In 2022, we will be seeing more smart cities and many more countries will initiate the plan to build them.

Virtual reality and IoT

Virtual reality is a technology where users get to experience the simulated environment. Be it in games or workspace or training, VR has become an innovative approach to the futuristic world. With the help of IoT devices, connecting the virtual world with the physical world has become an extraordinary feat.

The flight simulator from Microsoft is the best example of VR and IoT, helping people to learn basic to advanced piloting skills. And this trend will increase in 2022 even more to enhance user experience. Moreover, for people who are physically challenged, mostly, those who can’t see, VR can become a lifesaver. It might not be too long before they can see the world through VR.

VR and IoT have created endless opportunities for us than we can imagine.

Security measures

Technological advancement has become a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes our life easier. On the other hand, we cannot deny the emerging problems, like cybercrimes. Every second hundreds and thousands of cyberattacks are reported. With IoT connectivity skyrocketing, data security and privacy have become a major concern for everyone.

However, cybercrimes have led the companies like Microsoft to develop IoT technologies to improve security measures. Tools like XDR, CASB, etc., by Microsoft, are technologies that identify and fight against cyberattacks on cloud services.

So, in 2022, IoT technologies capable of stopping cybercrimes will become a major vision of many companies in the world. They will focus on improving data security.

More IoT devices and apps

There are over six billions smartphones subscriptions in 2021 as stated by Statista. Mobiles have become more than a necessity nowadays. Connecting your devices with WiFi, you can do pretty much everything from opening the door to switching on lights to securing your homes. Whether you go to hospitals or agriculture or corporate houses, you will see the use of IoT-based technologies. IoT is everywhere, so expect to see more apps, devices, etc., in 2022.

Smart apps, watches, health trackers, bands, etc., will be common. In fact, they have already become day-to-day wearables for people. However, in the coming, the rise in such devices will become a necessity and provide more value to the users.


Automation has long been implemented in manufacturing industries and many others. And one of the sensational topics is the fully-automatic car. Many leading companies like Tesla, Ford, etc., have tested them, but we have yet to see fully functional automatic cars that self-drive.  In some parts of the world, like China, Japan, the USA, etc., such vehicles have been launched. So, it won’t be long before they will be available to the public. And 2022 might be the year for it finally.

5G and IoT

5G is the talk of the town nowadays. Every company is trying to launch its first-ever 5G devices, especially smartphone manufacturers. They are in the race to who brings their products first. While there are many firms, only a few have released their mobiles compatible with 5G technology. But why? Because of its huge bandwidth, low latency, lightning speed, extra security, and more stable connectivity.

The features that 5G provides are the game-changer for industries such as mobiles, smart devices, self-driving cars, AI robots, etc. All the IoT devices will run at blazing speed, changing the way of working in the Industrial, Agricultural, Medical, and almost every sector globally. Plus, it will be a huge help in developing energy-saving devices, saving the environment.

Enhanced customer support

Enhancing the user experience has become crucial for every business nowadays. With the increasing competition, those who provide better customer service will be the leader in the market. Here, IoT will play a major role in gathering customer data more seamlessly in real-time than ever.

IoT will help B2B and B2C businesses to provide better customer support. It will help them gather customers’ data, like their pain points, behavior, preferences, etc., more accurately, helping the firms to provide a personalized experience to their users with more security. Retaining their consumers will be just as easy for them. Speeding up the payments, providing better shopping experiences, etc., are some possibilities that will help improve the overall experience.

Improved remote working

The Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to work from home. As a result, everyone realized that remote working is possible. So, currently, more and more employees are preferring it. When they are more in their home than in the office, managing them is the key priority for every business. So, we can expect more AI-powered tools and technologies that will help track and monitor their activities.

Likewise, the sensors connected to cloud service track the condition of machines and report directly to the staff without having them present at the location is another example of IoT in remote working. Soon, we might see the hologram of remote employees in meetings and seminars without having them be physically available and deliver their speeches as well.

We also saw the boom of Zoom during this pandemic period. So, in 2022, IoT will level up the way of working.

In Conclusion

It is not wrong to say that IoT is the future. It will transform our daily lives, and the way we work, communicate and collaborate. Undoubtedly, it will totally change the world in the coming years. So, it is the right time to be aware of changes in IoT and plan priorly how we can adapt it- to be a part of the successful evolution.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small company or large, the IoT evolution will impact everyone. Unaware of such changes, many firms will be left behind. So, we have listed these IoT trends in 2022 to help you prepare, adapt to the upcoming new environment, and grow your business successfully.

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