Web App Development vs Mobile App Development: Which to Choose?

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It isn’t wrong to say that web app development vs mobile app development is an ever-going debate. You will find different people taking different sides, especially web app developers and mobile app developers. Still, the boost they give a business to grow is undeniable.

But as a business owner, what should you opt for? Because it is just a matter of time when you realize you need an app as you see your competitors having one and outmatching you. However, not everyone can afford them. And some are completely unaware of needing them, plus there are people confused about which to choose among them.

So, in this blog post, we will talk about web app development vs mobile app development to clear your confusion.

What‌ ‌is‌ ‌web‌ ‌app‌ ‌development?‌ ‌

Web app development is the process of building an app that runs on browsers that are device-friendly (PC, laptop, smartphones, tablets) and runs on any operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux). You don’t have to download them to use them. Just enter the URL and surf them.

Pros‌ ‌ ‌

No need to download: Since web apps run on browsers, you don’t need to download them. The only thing you need to do is install a browser.

Run on any OS and devices: Web apps run on any device and operating system unless they are incompatible.

Faster launch: Since you don’t need any approvals to release the app, you can launch the web app faster. Plus, you don’t have to think about launching it on different devices, like Android, iOS, tablets, etc.

No need to update: Unlike mobile apps, you don’t need to update the web apps, since they are upgraded and released on the server that runs them.

Less coding: You don’t have to worry about coding for multiple devices and operating systems.

Cons‌ ‌

Require Internet connection: Without an Internet connection, you cannot run a web app.

Slow: In case of an unstable Internet connection, it loads slow. Still, it is slower than mobile apps.

Security concerns: Since there aren’t any guidelines like Play Stores have to release them, the web apps may be less secure.

Bad user experience: When the Internet connection is unstable, the web apps load slowly or get choppy, leading to a bad user experience.

Difficulty in finding: Since web apps are only available for browsers, it becomes hard to find them or remember their URL.

What‌ ‌is‌ ‌‌mobile‌ ‌app‌ ‌development? ‌

Mobile app development is the process of developing apps for smartphones. They are built for platforms such as Android and iOS. And you need to download and install them from reliable sources such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Store.

Pros‌ ‌

Speed: Mobile apps are faster than web apps. Since they are optimized for multiple devices, their performance is also boosted.

Secure: They are more secure since they are developed based on the guidelines of Play Stores’ policies and regulations. Such platforms detect any harmful apps and remove them to protect privacy and data.

Stable: As stated earlier, since they are optimized for smartphones, they are more stable and provide a smooth user experience.

Offline Access: Unlike Web apps, you can access mobile apps when you don’t have an Internet connection. However, some apps need it, but not every app.

Device-friendly: Since they are made for smartphones and other small-screen devices, they are responsive.

Cons‌ ‌

Incompatibility: Not every device can run mobile apps. Some are incompatible or have outdated operating system versions, which make the app incompatible with some smartphones.

Need to download and install: You need to download and install the mobile apps from Play Store and App Store to use them.

Need storage: You need to have enough storage space on your devices to install mobile apps.

Update: From time to time you need to update the apps. Auto-update is best. Otherwise, you should do it manually every time whenever an app gets a new update, which consumes your time and needs extra storage space.

Lags and glitches: Sometimes, the app may feel choppy when using them. And it may have some glitches, which are only found after using them.

Web app development vs mobile app development

Not everyone has sound knowledge of technical terms, especially non-technical people. They may take both terms as the same. So, to make it clear, here are some differences between web app and mobile app development.

Internet connection: The mobile apps may or may not need an Internet connection to use them. But, it is mandatory for web apps.

Speed: When comparing the speed between web and mobile apps, the latter is faster than the former. Since Internet connection also plays a major role in boosting the speed and mobile apps may or may not require stable Internet, mobile apps win this one.

Performance: Since everything depends on the programming languages, databases, servers, frameworks, etc., both of their performance is top-notch.

User Experience: Web apps may not perform in the absence of an Internet connection, so mobile apps provide a better user experience. Plus, not every web app is device-friendly. However, it doesn’t mean that mobile apps don’t have any issues. They sometimes lag, crash, and get server errors too.

Storage: Web apps don’t need any storage space. But, mobile apps need enough ROM to use them.

Users: Since there are billions of mobile users in the world, mobile apps have a wider reach than web apps.

Costs: Mobile app development is more expensive than web app development. You need to consider the platforms as well: Android or iOS, which will increase your expenses.

When‌ ‌to‌ ‌build‌ ‌a‌ ‌web‌ ‌app?‌ ‌

Consider the following things if you want to build a web app.

  • You have an insufficient/less budget.
  • Your target audience prefers browsers.
  • You want to launch the app faster.

When‌ ‌to‌ ‌build‌ ‌a‌ ‌mobile‌ ‌app?‌

Consider the following things if you want to build a mobile app.

  • You don’t have to worry about the budget.
  • Your target audience prefers mobile apps over browsers.
  • Your app requires permissions like contacts, GPS, cameras, storage, etc.
  • You prefer a better user experience and performance.
  • You prefer security.
  • You are targeting a wider audience.

Why do you need web and mobile apps?

No matter what you opt for, they both provide ample opportunities to grow your business. Since everyone has smartphones on their hands and spends most of their time on them, having apps boosts your brand awareness and visibility.

And it isn’t only about having an app because your business needs it; it is rather people expect a business to have one. Why? Because the web and mobile apps help customers to connect with your business quickly and easily. Moreover, they provide better customer support and help you gain insights into their behavior, which further helps you in building the right products, services, and marketing strategies. Plus, you can always provide them with what they want and solve their problems this way.

Convenience is what everyone prefers nowadays. With a few taps, you can buy anything online. You can fulfill your needs and solve your problems. All this is possible because of mobile and web apps. They are making the life of every person comfortable. So, it is necessary to have your own business app and cater to customers’ needs and problems. In return, it will boost your reputation, sales, customer reach, and revenues.

In Conclusion

People are always going to talk about web app development vs mobile app development. However, as a business owner, you need to decide what is best for you and whatnot. That is why, to make it easier to make your decision, we prepared this little gift for you.

And to develop both web and mobile apps, you need a reliable development partner like Truemark Technology that understands your requirements and needs clearly and delivers the app without compromising on quality.

With 5+ years of experience in software development, we will help you build feature-rich and scalable apps that resonate with your business goals and visions. From web app development to mobile app development, prototyping to UI/UX design, simple to complex apps, and web design to website development, we are proficient in major fields. So, contact us at any time to discuss more about your project idea and get a detailed estimation.

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