Why App Redesign is Important and When to Consider it?

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Every day, hundreds of apps get released on the App Store, Google Play Store, and other platforms. However, among these, not every app gets the expected exposure. Moreover, the old apps become obsolete and fade away. After some time, people forget about them. Still, there is a way to revive them, i.e., redesign. It has many benefits. That is why app redesign is important.

Besides, every owner wants their app to help attract users and maximize their profit. But why do these apps fade after some time, losing the ability to appeal to the users? There are various reasons, but with one solution- redesigning your app.

And in this article, we will look at why app redesign is important and when to consider it.

Why app redesign is important?

Boost conversation rate

When the app gets old, the users tend to get bored with the UI and features. As a result, they switch to another app, which decreases the engagement rate. They feel dissatisfied and stop using the app, reducing the conversation rate.

However, redesigning the app’s UI and updating its features make users use your app. They become curious to know about the new version. If it meets their needs and preferences, they will be satisfied, boosting conversion and satisfaction.

At Truemark, the team researches day and night about the market needs, trends, and changes to gain valuable insights into making an intuitive UI, features to add, boost user experience, etc. Doing so helps the team to develop an app that the users prefer.

Reach wider audience

It only takes a fraction of moments for users to judge an app. If an app’s UI impresses them, then they get attached to it. Even though look and feel are crucial, adding new features is equally important.

Moreover, the users like to see new designs. They expect the brand to add new elements, colors, features, etc. They don’t like to see the same old interface for years. If there isn’t any update in the UI, they will stop using the app at some point in time. So, to attract new users and retain the old ones, the app needs a redesign.

So, how can you attract more users?

After you redesign your app, it is necessary to promote your app, either be it through social media or content writing, or paid ads.

Gain loyal customers

App redesign not only helps to attract new users, but it also helps to gain loyal customers. It helps to retain the old users. It means they will be faithful to your brand. So, it is necessary to look after your old customers.

Most importantly, it will be a good marketing strategy when more and more users start using your app. Through word of mouth and shares, more and more people will know about your app.

So, how can you gain loyal customers?

Look for the feedback. Listen to the users, what they are saying about your app. Then implement the necessary changes even if you have to redesign your app.

Change is necessary

Nowadays, users are more knowledgeable about market trends and changes more than ever. If they see something new that appeals to them, they want similar functions and designs on your app.

Moreover, the market changes rapidly. Today’s trends may not work tomorrow. So, you need to adapt to the changes because the users don’t like using the same old app forever.

So, it is vital to know about the latest trends and adapt to them.

Enhance user experience

Why do you think the users want the brand to change the app’s interface and functionalities? It is because they seek a new experience. When your app has a stunning design, it automatically attracts them and satisfies them.

Moreover, when a brand listens to its users and updates its app, it satisfies them and makes them more attached to the business. As a result, it enhances the user experience, and they become loyal, increasing the conversation rate and revenue.

Stay competitive

You need to redesign your app because your competitors have done so. Even though some customers may stick with you, new users may not do so. They want a unique design and features. And if your competitors have it, then they will not use your app. So, it is necessary to redesign your app to stay competitive and always be ahead of your rivals.

Boost your brand

It is crucial for a business to always listen to its users and satisfy them. And when you do that and invest in great design, it will leave a lasting impression on them. They will be more loyal than before. They will give a positive rating which helps to boost your brand awareness.

Moreover, there always needs to be good relationships between the customers and the business.

When to consider app redesign?

Redesigning the app is crucial to create a good brand value and scale the business. However, you need to understand when you should consider it.

For example, Facebook. It redesigned its interface completely, and still, it has been doing so. They understand the importance of change.

While it is good to adapt to changes, it is also necessary to understand the indicators to help you know it is time to make changes to your app.

So, here are some signs that your app needs a redesign.

Rebranding company

If your company is going through many changes, such as rebranding, it is also necessary to redesign your app. The app should reflect your business’s newer versions.

Moreover, the app is a medium to educate your users about your business. If you are rebranding it, then the users need to know about it. They should recognize your new brand. Plus, to target a new audience, the app should align with your business.

In addition, the new and fresh looks give a soothing feeling to the users.

Increase in competition

Competition means there are similar apps in the market. In such a situation, unique design always comes at the top. The users will lose interest in the old interface. They expect something new to come out. So, app redesign is necessary.

Moreover, you need innovative ideas to attract customers.

Increase in bad reviews

If users are reporting too much about your app, it is time to think about updating it. If negative reviews are increasing day by day, then users won’t find your app worth using. You need to analyze what is wrong with your app. Then you need to make improvements accordingly.

Moreover, not only negative reviews, you need to analyze the positive reviews and see if there is anything good that will improve your app.

Too many bugs

If there are too many bugs on your app and people report about it, app redesign is necessary. Moreover, if there are any angry comments on your social media, then that is also a sign.

Besides, bugs are inevitable in an app. However, you need to resolve them as soon as possible. Rather than ignoring them, you need to mitigate them quickly.

Target new market segment and audience

If you target a new market segment and audience, you might need to redesign your app. A new target means new sets of expectations. To fulfill their needs and resolve their pain points, you need to update your app’s interface and features.

Besides updating the existing app, you might need a new one with the latest trends to attract new users.

Scale the business

App redesigning is also done when you want to scale your business. Whether you are targeting a new market segment or audience, your app should reflect your objectives and goals. And the users should be knowledgeable about it.

Business owners always look for opportunities to grow their business and maximize profit. However, if the current app fails to fulfill the upcoming expectations, the owners need to redesign their app.

Low conversion rate

If the conversion rate is not as expected and has decreased since the app was released, you need to redesign it. There can be various reasons, like too many bugs, intense competition, the users’ expectations, etc. So, the only solution is to update the app entirely.


If you are still using the outdated app, it will not attract users nor generate any revenue. It will be a burden to you. The users will stop using it entirely.

Moreover, the market changes rapidly. That means there will always be new trends that will leave an impression on the users. In fact, the users expect changes in the app. In such a time, redesigning your app is the best solution to go for.

Migrating to another platform

If you plan to shift your app to a new platform, you need to redesign your app. Sometimes, the current system is unable to fulfill needs, preventing the business from growing. However, if the new platform gives you enough flexibility to scale in the future, you need to redesign the app to fit the latest technology.

Complex interface

The business should always aim to make the user’s journey easy and seamless. If the current interface is too complex for the users to understand and use the app, then you need to redesign it.

Sometimes, the existing features and design may not attract users because it is too hard to navigate and understand the app. In such a situation, the business should analyze the users’ behavior and research how to make the interface intuitive, easy to use, and beautiful.

Besides these, if the app owner doesn’t like the app, it is also necessary to redesign it.

In Conclusion

App redesign is crucial for any business because nothing remains the same. We need to change according to time. Even though it costs money, it is a necessary step to scale the business.

Updating an app from time to time should always be a priority for any company. App with an intuitive design and fresh look offers more value to the users and enhances their experience. So, all you have to do is redesign your app according to the business needs.

If you are looking for a software company to redesign your app, then please feel free to contact us. With 5+ years of experience, Truemark will revive your dying app using the latest technologies. We will help you develop a fully functional, flexible app that will help you stay ahead in this competitive market and align with your business needs and goals. So, reach us at any time and get a free consultation service from our experts.

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