13 Reasons Why Chatbot is Important for Your Website

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A chatbot is an automated bot used to conduct human-like conversations with users. Their ability to process users’ keywords and phrases to give pre-set answers, mainly in text and voice form, makes them demanding. Since they have evolved to a state where you don’t feel like you are talking to a computer, their usage has seen tremendous growth, primarily in the websites. It isn’t the only factor- numerous reasons support why chatbot is important for any site.

According to Chatbots Magazine, 69% of customers prefer chatbots. Drift states that 55% of businesses using chatbots generate more quality leads than those that do not use them. Simply talking, they are taking the company to a new level. The organization that gets back to its customers quickly is the one that achieves success, reaching a greater height than ever. Even a minor mistake in communication with customers can be disastrous for a business. And this is where chatbots play a crucial role.

Below, we will be talking about the 13 reasons why chatbot is important for your business.

How do chatbots work?

Chatbots are AI-powered programs that use the NPL (Natural Language Processing) algorithm to converse as humanly as possible. When they communicate with humans, they interpret and process the keywords and phrases, match them, and respond correctly from the programmed pre-set answers.

13 reasons why chatbot is important

Instant and better engagement

Not everyone is patient and likes to stay long to be heard to get their solution. If your business cannot listen to the customers’ problems and resolve them quickly, they will lose patience, get furious, and shift to alternatives. As users, they always want someone from the company to respond right away and clear their issues and confusion. And this is where a chatbot becomes a bridge between a company and its consumers and solves the problems of miscommunication swiftly.

With the chatbot’s help, customers can easily interact without waiting, which improves your business response time. Most importantly, the users will quickly get their answers, which again helps in rating your business well.

Previously, the users had to wait for hours before connecting with the support team at peak time. But now, with chatbots, they don’t have to stand by. They can communicate with the chatbot directly to get a response instantly.

24/7 availability

No human can engage in a task continuously. However, the chatbots don’t need rest, eat, and sleep and are available 24/7. They will always be available for the customers.

According to Oracle, more than 50% of customers expect businesses to open 24/7. They want uninterruptible services 24/7, which can be challenging for a company to provide. However, embedding a chatbot lets your firm interact with a user even when the business hour is closed. It really is convenient and enhances customer satisfaction.


One of the main advantages of using a chatbot is that you can easily automate your communication process with the customers. You just need to embed it on your website, set questions and answers, and see its wonders. With its help, you can quickly provide information to the customers, which may otherwise take time for an employee to process the question. Thus saving time.

The customers don’t have to wait for a staff to connect to them, which helps boost their experience. Moreover, they can automate the emailing process as well. Plus, these tasks can be done more efficiently and faster with minimum errors.

Lead generation

According to Juniper Research, Ecommerce sale is expected to reach $112 billion by 2023 via chatbots. And according to Drift, 55% of businesses generate high-quality leads using chatbots; one of the reasons being the engagement rate. Customers prefer chatbots because they provide information quickly and answer their queries. They get what they want, which influences their purchase decision.

Sometimes customers may get overwhelmed and confused when surfing a website. In such a situation, chatbots help them resolve their issues and get what they seek. Thus, increasing the conversation rate.

Simplify things

Chatbots simplify things for you. With its help, customers can get everything at their fingertips. Nowadays, they want everything quickly. They don’t feel like surfing the whole website to search for products and information most of the time. However, chatbots can provide what they want without any failure, and they do it well.

Moreover, they simplify the repetitive process, like email, FAQs, welcoming every user, navigating the customers, etc.

Educate users

A website is full of information, products, and services. It is a wealth of data, which may sometimes overwhelm the customers. Sometimes, customers may not find what they are looking for. It would be fantastic for them if they could have the power to get them quickly. In such a situation, the chatbot could be their magic lamp. They simplify things and educate users.

Without any problem, the chatbots provide the information to the customers.

Improves customer service

When customers get what they want without any interruption, it automatically enhances their experience. According to Drift, 87.2% of customers have positive or neutral experiences with chatbots. And according to Comm100, the average satisfaction rate from chatbots is 87.58%.

Chatbots make customer engagement more interactive and the tedious processes fun. The customers get the answers to their queries without having to write many sentences since they can quickly get their answers in the form of yes/no. With a click of a button, they get information, making their journey on a website smoother. Thus boosting their experience.

Gain insights on customer behavior

With the chatbot’s help, you can easily collect information on customers and their behavior. Analyzing these data gives you insights to further improve your business process and performance and enhance customer experience, leads, and revenue. You will know what customers like and whatnot. Thus helping you to plan and stock your products and services.

Moreover, you can actively devise future plans to ensure that the products and contents are readily available to the customers. Plus, chatbots help you collect feedback from the users to improve services and optimize the website accordingly. In the end, you can expect a massive boost in customer experience, sales, and revenue.

Offer quick solutions

With the chatbot’s help, you can offer quick solutions to your customers. You can quickly onboard them and provide necessary information to make them comfortable on your website.

Saves cost

You need an employee 24/7 to process customers’ queries. However, with a chatbot, you can solve such a problem. They do their job without any error unless it is from the person maintaining it. Initially, it may be expensive, but it is cost-effective in the long run.

With chatbots, you don’t need to hire additional staff to answer customers’ queries besides maintaining it occasionally. Moreover, they automate the process, which saves your additional cost. According to Invesp, chatbots help businesses save as much as 30% of costs that go into customer support.

The costs that a business saves from a chatbot are hiring staff, salaries, training, investing in equipment, etc.

Accelerate additional operations

With the help of chatbots, the cost and employees required to handle all the customer requests can be invested to improve business performance and enhance the process. You will have more resources on your hand to carry out other operations successfully, like planning, marketing, manufacturing, etc.

Multi-language support

One of the benefits of using chatbots is multi-language support. It might be challenging for a business to hire staff capable of interacting with customers in their mother tongue. The costs to acquire such an employee can be massive. However, a chatbot can speak and chat in multiple languages.

Moreover, it is helpful for businesses with a global audience. Customers prefer a company that understands and speaks their language to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Handle multiple users

Unlike humans who can only interact with one customer, chatbots can handle as many requests as possible. During the peak consumer hours, the employees may not be able to communicate with all the users, but a chatbot can do this without sweating simultaneously. In the end, customers are happy, and so are you. This makes your business process effective and efficient.

Ultimately, chatbots help grow your business.

In Conclusion

According to Outgrow, 80% of businesses are expected to use a chatbot system by 2021. Since it has numerous benefits, then why not? If you are still confused, the factors mentioned above will broaden your horizon on why chatbot is important for your website. Thanks to the chatbot, you can simplify your process, reach a wider audience, and boost their experience, eventually growing your business. But first, you need a good website that reflects your brand values.

So, are you ready to integrate a chatbot on your website? With Truemark’s help, you can have a personalized one that fits your business goals, needs, and budget. For more information, you can contact us. We offer free consultation services, so don’t hesitate to reach us.

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