10 Best Tools for SEO in 2022

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Nowadays, everyone is going crazy over SEO. And why not? It is the best-known way to boost your brand visibility and helps you connect with your customers. In many ways, it ranks your website high on the search engine results pages (SERPs), generating more traffic, clicks, and revenues. That is why everyone loves SEO.

Even though SEO has tons of benefits, it isn’t easy to master. And with so many tools and techniques, it is challenging to choose the right one. So, what are the best SEO tools?

In this article, we have listed a few but important 10 tools for SEO to help you give a boost to your business.

10 important tools for SEO


Ahrefs is one of the biggest names in the world of SEO. It is an all-in-one tool that includes audit, keyword research, backlinks, rank tracker, on-page, etc., needed to boost traffic and rank.

With over billions of keywords in its databases, it suggests you the best and right keywords and phrases along with search volume, SEO difficulty, etc. And its informative dashboard gives you everything you want from your website performance to traffic to the site’s health to issues in it.

Moreover, it crawls every page on your website and provides the best suggestions to improve your SEO rank.


Another on our list is SEMrush. It is one of the best tools for technical SEO and digital marketing. It offers almost every feature you need, like auditing, backlink tracker, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, social media management, etc.

Amazingly, once it is set up, it auto-generates the report and sends it directly to your email every week. Also, you can access a free version that lets you add one project to the audit. However, you need a paid version to access premium features.

You get every information you need on its dashboard. Moreover, the add-on Trends allows you to get access to trending keywords and phrases and analyze your competitors.

SEMrush is a feature-rich SEO tool. Until and unless you use it you won’t know how amazing it is. So, go for a free version first.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO tool available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Unlike many other tools, it audits your website and every webpage and identifies every issue (minor and major) in detail.

It has two versions: Free and Paid. The Free plan allows you to crawl 500 URLs.

The issues it shows include broken links, meta tags, headings, duplicate content, 404 error, alt tags, sitemaps, etc.

Download and install it, then enter your website URL. Moreover, you can import the audit into a CSV file.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a powerful tool that audits your site to find technical issues, tracks your keywords, analyzes your backlinks, and has a keyword research tool.

It also has a Chrome extension called Mozbar, which shows any page rank and domain authority, keyword difficulty score, number of backlinks, etc., on the go.

Plus, it has powerful analytics that helps you track the performance of your keywords and backlinks, analyze your competitors, etc.

What makes this tool unique is it helps you list, categorize, and prioritize keywords to boost your rank in SERPs. With millions of keywords in its database, it allows you to compare keywords and find the best one to give you a competitive edge.

Google Analytics

Google is the most used and the leading search engine. When everyone is trying to rank higher in it, what could be better than a tool by Google. Google Analytics is absolutely free to use. Set it up and see the wonders yourself.

Google Analytics allows you to see how users are using your website, what they are doing, what pages they are browsing, which links they are clicking, every behavior. This helps you plan your marketing strategy and what web pages to index and rank in the search engines.

With Google Analytics, you will know how to set up your website and improve the website’s overall performance. SEO isn’t only about keywords. It is about your website’s performance and how users use your website.

If the bounce rate is high, then it leads to a drop in your rank. However, Google Analytics provides you with such details, giving you a huge chance to improve your SEO.

Google Search Console

Another wonderful tool by Google is the Google Search Console. If you want to know your traffic, how your keywords are performing, what pages are ranking higher, total clicks, total impressions, etc., then there is no better tool than Google Search Console.

However, these features aren’t the only things that make it one of the best. It helps you identify if there is an issue in mobile usability and page experience. Also, it inspects your URLs, content, sitemaps, etc., and identifies errors to improve your SEO.

You can easily identify technical issues on your site and fix them with the help of Google Search Console.


Mangools is a simple yet powerful SEO tool. It mainly focuses on five areas:

  • Keyword research: It helps you find the right keywords to rank. Plus, you can see how your competitors are doing and what keywords they rank for.
  • SERP analysis: It helps you with improving your local SEO. Also, you can find the Domain Authority of different websites, and how they are performing in different regions.
  • Rank Tracking: It helps you track your organic traffic, keywords, how they are performing, their ranks, and so on in any region and on any device.
  • Backlink Analysis: It helps you identify where you are getting backlinks from, how many backlinks your competitors are getting, and so on.
  • SEO metrics: An insightful data to identify traffic-generating content and keywords, check SEO authority, site’s health, and so on.

Mangools is a simple SEO tool anyone can use.


Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO tool from Neil Patel, one of the influential people in the world of digital marketing. It has an orange-looking dashboard that helps you in keyword research. Simply entering a keyword or a phrase, it presents you with tons of keyword ideas with SEO difficulty, search volume, etc.

You can analyze your competitors, what they are ranking for, and where they are getting backlinks from. This helps you to plan to outrank your competitors.

Also, you can audit your website and see how your site is performing in terms of organic traffic, organic keywords, domain authority, etc. The best part of Ubersuggest is it identifies issues that are affecting your SEO and gives you tips on how you can resolve them.

Other than these, Ubersuggest helps you track your keywords and top pages. So, just try it once and see if it fulfills your needs and requirements.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another best SEO tool on our list. Just like other tools, it has a keyword research function, backlink tracker, website audit, competitor analysis, and everything you need to improve your SEO.

But, the best part of SE Ranking is Keyword Grouping and SEO Reporting Tools.

Keyword Grouping helps you group keywords automatically, eliminating errors when done manually and thus, saving time.

SEO Reporting is a powerful report generator with a drag-and-drop feature to customize your reports. You can send these to anyone automatically through email and download these in PSD, CSV, HTML, or XLS formats.

Boost your website’s SEO quickly with SE Ranking.

While email marketing isn’t directly related to SEO, it helps in driving traffic to your website, which helps to improve your rankings.

One factor of ranking higher is traffic. The more traffic you get and the more people recommend and find your site useful, it gets ranked by Google. And the most important part is it helps in link building, which is an integral part of SEO. helps you find email addresses needed for your business to connect with people. It is one of the best tools to expand your reach and boost your sales and revenues.

So, connect with people, reach out to them, generate leads, and boost your rank with

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In Conclusion

Everything is evolving around us, including SEO. With Google bringing major updates to their ranking factors time-to-time, we constantly see new techniques to improve SEO. Along with it, tools also get updated and new ones emerge in the market, making it challenging for anyone to choose the right one. So, to help you, we gathered a list of the best tools for SEO.

These tools help every business out there to improve their rankings and devise brilliant and unique marketing strategies. However, there are other great tools besides these. So, if we have missed any tools that you like, please comment below.

And if you are looking for a software development company to help you with your project, then be sure to contact Truemark Technology. With 5+ years in this field, we will help you deliver the software that resonates with your brand and fits your business needs.

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